best pc games of 2016Doom:

Undoubtedly the most anticipated game of the year. Considered the father of first-person shooters and survival horror games, this classic is back after a 12 year hiatus. The reception of the franchise reboot has been overwhelming, with a metacritic score of 85%, which is expected of a Bethesda release. Take on the role of a marine on a research facility on Mars in the midst of a demon invasion. Fight the demons and close the portal to stop them from returning.

Devil may cry 4: Special Edition:

If you enjoyed the original DMC4, then you’re gonna love this. This updated version of the game brings us 3 new playable characters each with their own special move set, costumes and EX colors. Oh, and the game was bumped up to 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. Fast-paced action, swarms of enemies meeting their end with your long sword, pistols and/or demon arm.

Far Cry: Primal:

This game is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As a seasoned hunter and beast master in the Stone Age, you must gather resources to build shelter and all manner of weaponry to fend against your enemies, both beasts and enemy tribes. Take yourself from the bottom of the food chain all the way up to becoming the Apex Predator. Recruit warriors and clan-members along the way, command beasts, craft a wide variety of weapons on your goal towards survival. Truly a unique and beautiful title.

Dark Souls III:

Dark Souls III is the final chapter to Bandai’s best selling game of all time. Bringing in all the loved elements of the first two installments (along with Demon Souls and Bloodbourne), all wrapped up in beautiful up-to-date graphics, makes this a fitting closure to the series. The game is focused on skill development and weapon improvement, allowing the tactical player to fine-tune his character’s abilities to overcome the ever-increasing difficulty of the game, which it has been known for since the first Dark Souls. Playing the role of The Ashen One, you must return balance to a world where the First Flame is dying out and everyone is giving up rather than saving it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

And finally, the best PC game of 2016, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This open world RPG scored 92% on metacritic, and for good reason. The developers over at CD Projekt RED state that their passion is to create fantasy worlds as close to reality as possible, and they’ve succeeded. This is by far the most realistic fantasy world playable in a video game. Take on the role of a monster hunter and make decisions at every turn to make your story truly unique. And with its fantastic graphics, you won’t be getting bored any time soon.because that role can be the best in a life time for you to take.