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5 Best Free PC Games of 2016

Posted on August 26, 2016  in Free Games, PC Games

If you are a discerning PC game player, it is very likely you know this; players can now enjoy amazing full games without ever pirating anything. The internet is now packed with tons of free games and the best part, some are so good that people often ask themselves; how on earth does anyone sell anything anymore. If you are looking for the best for that long coming weekend, here is our pick of some of the best free PC games of 2016 you can play without spending a single penny.

1. Aion:

Soon after it was introduced, Aion rose through the ranks and became one of the biggest and free PvP MMO. While a number of people still have issues with combat mechanics as things could get really repetitive, there is a lot going on in this game. So if you have been combing through places looking for one of the most vaunted Asian F2P MM, you have found it.

2. Time of Dragons:

In this game, you take to the skies while riding on a dragon. Since it was first launched the game has gone through some of the most interesting changes. The creators have ironed out all the issues that affected early players and added a wider variety of maps to enjoy. For example, one of the most fascinating things about this game is that you are allowed to pick a variety of dragons to take as your mount as arm your beast with rockets and laser to destroy your enemies.

3. Iron Snout:

If you are looking for a simple and yet addictive game; well, you have found it. Iron Snout makes you play as a pig fighting to avoid getting slaughtered. You are forced to fight an avalanche of wolves trying to kill you and the end goal is to survive as long as possible. The game might look so simple, but wait until you start to play; you will find it is almost impossible to stop.

4. Marvel Heroes 2016:

Marvel is one of the biggest multi-player online action PC games of 2016. It was released alongside DC universe Online, but Marvel is way much better. The plot line is super interesting and although some character packs are paid for, the free game is a lot of fun in its own right. You will just like it

5. Team Fortress 2:teamfortress2

If we can all remember, Team Fortress 2 was one of the first non-MMO, big budgeted game and whatever deal might have made the developers to turn this amazing game to a free to play shooter, clearly, that worked. This game was first introduced to the public over 7 years ago and is still one of the most played free PC game. The game is still receiving some fantastic updates. You will love.

So if your weekends or evenings have been that boring, you now know what you should be doing. Despite the fact that these 5 games are free, the amount of fun you could net from them is simply unbelievable. From the plot, graphics to sound, these games are just as good as

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